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From being social to going social, status-quos are being questioned every moment. Behavioural patterns are changing and so is the definition of engagement.

We live to keep up with this phase, even be ahead of it, and pledge to never let it get the better of us.

We provide communication solutions for brands to create meaningful conversations with this ever changing audience.


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Content Creation, Advertising Communication, Digital & Social Media Marketing, Design.


<strong>The Curious Case of Cinema</strong>
<strong>ZBC Originals </strong>– Abar Ekla Cholo
<strong>Shadowgraphy</strong> Shadows of the day, will embrace the world in grey
<strong>#CraterCrown</strong> – Indifference vs. Social Satire.
<strong>Family Album</strong>
<strong>The Curious Case of Cinema</strong>
<strong>Banga- Lee</strong>
<strong>Sesh Sample</strong>
<strong>Bangla Tel</strong>
<strong>Direct Mailer</strong>
<strong>Bengal Tourism</strong>
<strong>Tripura Tourism</strong>
<strong>Ads of the Musts</strong> For the ones which sell without ads
<strong>Anita</strong> The survivors tale
<strong>Virtually Real</strong> People that we spend most of our time with
<strong>Shadowgraphy</strong> Shadows of the day, will embrace the world in grey
<strong>Who-yug </strong>– Who run the world?
<strong>Over Tech</strong> Age of the tech overtake
<strong>Thoughtscape Evolution </strong> Best out of waste
<strong>Family Album</strong>
<strong>Aschorjyo Prodeep</strong>
<strong>Ek Phali Rodh</strong>
<strong>Natoker Moto</strong>
<strong>Abby Sen</strong>
<strong>Khashi Kotha</strong>



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Sani Ghose Ray Director

An entrepreneur at heart, coupled with a strong creative mind, Sani started on his own very early. Always wanting to turn his passion into profession, he decided to delve into the world of audio visual which initiated his journey of being an entrepreneur.

He is a social-media recluse, yet loves fidgeting with his over-smart phone!Currently, Sani is also heading Acropolis Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading production houses of Eastern India. He has produced 7 mega- serials in the last five years, out of which three are hugely successful & two were the longest running serials in Bangla Televison. One of the youngest producers in the industry, he was also the secretary of the ‘Association of Television Producer’s’ & was instrumental in transforming 2 non-prime time slots into prime time for Zee.

Sani has also line produced Feature films, Documentaries, television commercials for prominent National and International production Houses & Directors.

Sani Ghose Ray


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Suman Sen Founder Director

With more than 9 years in advertising & marketing communication environment Suman specializes in transmedia storytelling. He has worked with categories ranging from personal care to telecom products, from healthcare to media & entertainment.He is curious about micro trends, people & cultures.He loves doing 'the creative work before the creative work'

Suman is associated with various Universities, teaching assignments & workshops, has been a part of various mentor programs and cherishes interaction with young minds immensely.

He calls himself an Accidental Entrepreneur ! He believes in Magic realism and always likes to be Interesting and being Interested.

Suman Sen

Founder Director

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