“Marketing Technology dominates an increasingly large portion of a marketer’s time, attention and budget” – said a Forbes article, which was No. 4 in a six-part Q&A series on agile marketing. The series explores why manual processes are no longer an option, and that technology-enabled tools can help marketers leverage data to unlock insights and growth. Interestingly the writer introduces the series by saying that data-informed marketing & communication is how you move at the “speed of customer”. We say touché to this, and numerous similar conversations which emphasized the importance of using data and analytical insights to craft targeted communication.

2016 was the year when Martech / Adtech (whatever you choose to call it) gained some real momentum & 2017 is already off to a flying start. Don’t see it? Zoom into C – Space – an experiential program in CES 2017 – for advertising, content, entertainment and marketing.

CES in itself is big; in words of Jack Sheng (co-founder and CEO, eForCity Corp) “It is a great gauge of where the industry is headed.” and in numbers – it is a premier consumer technology conference that boasts of the following:

The World's Gathering Place
The World’s Gathering Place


Influential Powerhouse
Influential Powerhouse


A show to get noticed
A show to get noticed


C Space was created in 2014 specifically to highlight technology’s influence for on advertising and entertainment executives – and this year it opened to its biggest year ever. This didn’t come as a surprise, but it’s something worth observing and mentioning – because the pace at which this space is developing is beyond what we could have possibly imagined.

“Consumers are becoming more sophisticated in how they react with brands and consume content. The role of technology has enabled content-producers and advertisers to engage consumers like never before,”
– Karen Chupka, SVP, CES and corporate business strategy, CTA.

C – Space had diverse talking points for industry leaders and experts, but if we have to find points in a straight line with minimum outliers, the top three topics will turn out to be:

  • Unique relationship between brands, agencies, media and technology
  • Best practices and case studies from global brands
  • Technology’s impact on the evolution of advertising, marketing and digital media

Leading this conversation at C-Space were major brands including AdWeek, Amazon, AOL, Discovery Communications, eBay, Facebook, Google, Hearst, Hulu, NBCUniversal, Nielsen, Time Inc., Turner, Twitter, Verizon and Yahoo!

As an organization passionate about relevant and logical content, we have always maintained distinct interest in deriving our strategies from proper data-informed insights – looking at the sophisticated tools and methods that industry leaders are applying to cater to their consumer base has inspired us to pursue our methodology of working relentlessly.

C – Space growing exponentially in size and influence only strengthens our firm stand of the fact that the time has come that data informed content crafting and distribution takes center stage – and adapting to it is no longer a matter of choice. It’s a matter of staying relevant.

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